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Plastics modification
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  • Modified plastics, is the basis of general plastics and engineering plastics, after filling, blending, enhancement and other methods of processing, improve the flame retardant, strength, impact resistance, toughness and other aspects of the performance of plastic products.
    By changing the plastic parts can not only reach the strength properties of the steel, also has a lightweight, rich colors, easy molding, and a series of advantages, so far to plastic steel, "the trend in many industries are revealed, and at this stage to find out a large-scale alternative to plastic plastic material is almost impossible.
    Modified plastics is a plastic industry which covers a wide range, high technology content, and can create huge economic benefits. And plastic modified technology - filling, blending and reinforced modification of the raw materials and molding process is more in-depth almost all of the plastic products. From the production of resin raw materials to from a variety of specifications and varieties of modified plastics masterbatch, in order to reduce the cost of plastic products, improve its function, can not be separated from the plastic modification technology.
    Ordinary plastic often has its own characteristics and defects, the modified plastic is to change the nature of the plastic, the basic technology includes:
    1, enhance: with glass fiber to the strength of the plastic change.
    2, fill: to ordinary plastic fill some minerals, so that the nature of the plastic has been changed.
    3, toughening: to add some of the ordinary plastic toughening agent makes these plastics can be very tough, modified products: Rail pad.
    4 flame retardant: to the ordinary plastic resin inside the flame retardant, you can make the plastic with flame retardant properties. General flame retardant with bromine + antimony system, P system, N system, as well as the inorganic flame retardant system.
    5 cold: generally refers to the cold resistance of plastic in low temperature, due to the inherent low temperature plastic plastic, so that the plastic becomes brittle at low temperature, so the plastic parts inside the car, the general requirements of cold.
    The role of plastics modification technology
    Example of action
    Overcome limitations to overcome poor processing performance, lack of strength and other defects
    Endow with new function to give fire retardant, weather resistance, high impact resistance, antibacterial, antistatic and other new functions
    Reduce the cost, such as the PP to strengthen the strengthening and toughening of minerals, modification of the engineering plastics, reduce the cost of the effect of more obvious sources of information: the power of ground information 2010.01
    Edit this paragraph of the characteristics of modified plastics
    Modified plastics with superior cost-effective in more and more downstream areas to be applied, it can be said that the plastic has become a consumer trend, and this trend implies the following five factors:
    High performance: modified plastic not only has the advantages of traditional plastic, such as low density, corrosion resistance, and physical and mechanical properties are very good improvement, such as high strength, high toughness, high anti scourability, wear earthquake. In addition to improve the comprehensive performance of the plastic for widely application in the downstream areas of provides the basis.
    Low cost: compared with other materials, plastic benefits from the advantages of high production efficiency, low density, with a lower cost, the cost of unit volume of plastic is only about 1/10 of the metal.
    Government policy: China's implementation of the "3C" compulsory certification system, strict rules on the safety performance of the products listed in the catalogue, so as to promote the flame retardant plastics is widely used in household appliances, it, communications and other fields.
    The consumption upgrade: with the improvement of living standards, people began to pursue a more superior product performance, home appliances and other products more beautiful, safe, durable, thus on the upper reaches of the plastics industry proposed higher requirements, it has better processing properties, mechanical properties, durability and safety.
    Technical factors: at present, the world has been found more than 1000 kinds of polymers, but real application value of only a few dozen develop new polymers not only huge investment and application prospect uncertain; on the contrary, modification technology can not only improve the performance of existing polymers in order to adapt to the industry demand, also can reduce the number of expensive engineering plastics cost, become effective way of the development of the plastics industry.
    Edit this paragraph of the major categories of modified plastics and consumer groups
    Modified plastic products are mainly a variety of flame retardant resins, toughening resin, plastic alloy, functional masterbatch etc..
    Chart modification of the major categories of plastic, consumer groups and market applications
    The specific application of large class subdivision consumer groups
    Flame retardant resin flame retardant high anti impact polystyrene resin, flame retardant polypropylene resin, flame retardant ABS resin TV manufacturing enterprise, computer manufacturing enterprises, office appliance (printers, copiers, fax machines, etc.) enterprises, lighting enterprises and electric power enterprises, the sound factory, manufacturing the products of the shell, internal parts, peripheral equipment (connectors, switchboard, plug)
    Reinforced and toughened PP special material for household appliances enterprises, auto parts enterprises, such as the production of home appliances and automotive products internal parts
    Glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic computer parts enterprises, machinery parts and components enterprises, electric tool enterprises, lamps and lanterns enterprises and other manufacturing computer accessories, mechanical parts, electric tools and lamps and lanterns parts
    Plastic alloy class PC alloy products enterprise electrician, computer manufacturing enterprises, office appliance (printers, copiers, fax machines, etc.) enterprises, auto parts factory production automobile instrument panel, computer and office automation equipment, power tool housings, cellular phones, etc.
    PVC alloy products appliance manufacturers, electronic appliance manufacturers and other household appliances shell, electrical switches, electric meter shell, lighting materials, communication network, building materials, etc.
    Polyester alloy products, such as automotive, household appliances, electric tools and other enterprises automotive parts, household appliances, electric tools, such as parts
    The function of high impact polystyrene Toughening Masterbatch
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