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How to choose the plastic tray
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  • Is widely used in plastic tray, plastic turnover box, manual hydraulic car hand, storage pallets in Shanghai, China and other regions, transportation, industrial, medical, food and other industries, supply the majority is from Shanghai Shun Industrial Co., Ltd., our product quality clearance, technical staff technology excellent, here, our company for you to provide some use to the tips of the plastic tray, convenient when the choose and buy, as follows:
    Product due to the horizontal width of the conveyor equipment and suitable, if the 2 into the fork with 1100 * 1100mm, if the 4 to enter the fork is used 1100 * 1100mm or 1100 * 1200mm which can be.
    For 2 point support automatic warehouse and other automated machinery and equipment, from the strength of the entrance into the 2 into a better.
    For long-term use after repair of wooden pallets, easy to repair 2 into the fork is better.
    Therefore, to be able to repair the long-term use, the use of a solid 2 to enter the fork, no longer repeat the use of a lighter 4 to enter the difference is no problem.
    Mat block 4 to enter the fork of the (tray) than 2 to enter the fork of the materials, low cost of raw materials, but the shape is complex, the cost of production increased.
    And comprehensive consideration, 2 to enter the fork better.
    Automated warehouse because of the two point support, with the support of the truss beam into the fork 2 solid, safe.
    Pallet size for conveying equipment
    The size of shipping containers and trucks and other transportation equipment are specified by the ISO or some national standards. Its lateral width at 2300mm or so.
    In the horizontal if placed a column tray, then the size is too large to support, loading and unloading difficulties, it should be placed 2 columns.
    Taking into account the horizontal width of the two columns placed within the 2300mm, and the gap between the job, the 2200mm is divided into 2 parts of the appropriate size.
    And according to the above principles, taking into account the width is 2300mm applicable to the container pallet size is 1100 * 1100mm (column 2) or 1000*1200mm (horizontal and vertical combination of equipment).
    In the length direction, because of the length of the transverse width of a number of times, the length of the direction of the placement of the tray is little, can not be considered.
    From the horizontal suitability, 1100 * 1100mm on the 2 into the fork, 4 to the fork are applicable, and 1000 * 1200mm only 4 to the fork into the fork because the tray is a rectangular, can only be placed with 4 square fork.
    Two sides and one side selection
    In accordance with what kind of loading and unloading handling equipment, or automatic warehouse, pallet shelf, product release, flat and other storage conditions to determine the use of one or both sides.
    For small area of the high shelf, with a vertical move to the main occasion, the forklift loading and unloading based, so, both sides, one side can be.
    To cover an area of square yard, occasions to the level of transport, if hand pallet trucks, with one side of, if use can own motor pallet trucks, below which no slab gap type tray. And pallet stackers are multi stacked occasions, the tray below and the lower part of the air above coincide with small gap on both sides of the pallet specifications better.
    Some of the small common sense only Shanghai plastic products network to provide you with a small reference, on this basis to choose and buy suitable for your use of plastic pallets. For reference only.
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