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The prospect of third party medical logistics in our country is considerable
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  • The prospect of third party medical logistics in our country is considerable
    Release time: 2011.01.15 news source: Phoenix Financial Times: 127
    At present, the domestic more than 50% of the production enterprises and commercial enterprises are willing to seek new logistics enterprises, the proportion is rising year by year in momentum, and these enterprises usually have self logistics outsourcing to the desire of the third party logistics enterprise, and in the field of medicine are the same, the third party medical logistics is in a gradual rise in the period, the prospects for the future considerable.
    Investment adviser in the pharmaceutical industry researcher Guo Fanli pointed out that the reason why the domestic third party logistics of pharmaceutical industry has broad prospects for development, on the one hand is pharmaceutical companies to implement medical TPL will significantly improve the efficiency, which is help to pharmaceutical companies attention main business development and no need to worry about the problem of circulation; on the other hand, the third party logistics of pharmaceutical has rich experience in logistics and professional management technology and talent, the pharmaceutical companies will not familiar with this part of the business to third party medical logistics will bring twice the result with half the effort effect.
    Guo Fanli pointed out, in addition, in the now society increasingly refined division of labor, enterprise of high efficiency not wedge pursuit of that third party medical logistics enter to many domestic pharmaceutical companies share a lot of pressure. This not only helps to reduce the burden on enterprises, but also help to pharmaceutical companies in the main business and pharmaceutical circulation "two pronged", enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies will its logistics business outsourcing to the third party medical logistics is undoubtedly wise, third party medical logistics is also very necessary.
    Research Director at the investment adviser ZhangYanlin pointed out that although the pharmaceutical field the development of third-party logistics is the future trend, but third party medical logistics in our country still exist many problems, such as the idea behind, lack of information are linked to each other and sharing, lack of advanced logistics information system, software and hardware facilities and development needs, for pharmaceutical products related knowledge lack of understanding, there is no professional logistics management technology. At the same time, the lack of talent is also one of the bottlenecks in the development of third party medical logistics.
    Investment advisor in the release of the 2010-2015 years Chinese medicine [16.34 3.75%] industry investment analysis and prospect forecast a report "pointed out that China third party medical logistics want to be healthy and stable development, not only need to establish a highly efficient logistics information platform, realize the sharing of logistics information management, will update the existing storage logistics equipment, to enhance the ability of logistics services. At the same time, establish the correct concept of logistics, strengthen the third party medical logistics personnel training is an integral part of the.
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