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Selection of plastic pallets for storage type cold storage and frozen cold storage
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  • According to the temperature of the cold storage, food cold storage can be divided into 4 categories, namely, storage, cold storage, frozen storage and low temperature storage. Different features of the use of plastic pallets when the plastic tray is also different. Parrott below to different temperature of the cold storage function to do simple introduction, through the characteristics of the cold storage, naturally, we will be able to find plastic tray selection should be considered when the elements.
    Storage type cold storage has low temperature storage, cold storage and fresh keeping.
    Low temperature storage: cuvin general -22 to -25 DEG C
    Cold storage: temperature is generally -15 to -18 DEG C is mainly used for food storage.
    Storage fresh-keeping storehouse of cuvin generally between 0 and 5 DEG C, is mainly used for the preservation of meat, dairy, eggs, fruits and vegetables, such as, made the food in low temperature environment, and temperature not lower than 0 DEG C, in this environment, food can be as much as possible to keep fresh.
    The selection of plastic pallet for storage type cold storage, we take the cold storage as an example. Cold storage temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, 5 degrees Celsius, in such a temperature, the general bacteria can not survive, but there are still a lot of bacteria can breed in this temperature, such as List S. For the outside of bacteria infection to avoid the storage of goods pallet selection should choose easy to clean tray, mesh plastic tray due to the large number of mesh is not easy to be cleaned. Therefore, it is necessary to choose easy cleaning plastic tray, full plate (surface is plane) plastic tray. Such as pairuite launched PTD-1210P8 and PTD-1210P10 closed flat SAKACO word plastic tray. The plastic tray is characterized in that it is easy to clean, the bacteria have no place to grow, and is the best choice for the plastic tray in cold storage.
    Frozen Kukuwen generally below - 30 DEG C which is used for the food frozen, such as quick - frozen meat, quick-frozen dumpling, quick frozen vegetables, time to be frozen rapidly in the limited. Frozen library is characterized by the need for quick frozen food, which requires the cool air can around cargo fast switching, at the bottom of the plastic tray can consider using larger mesh mesh plastic tray for air conditioning in goods flow in any direction can be quickly frozen goods.
    Shanghai pallet is a commitment to innovation and research and development of new technology of plastic tray of the high-tech enterprises, is currently the largest plastic tray manufacturer. Company developed products, suitable for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, logistics, warehousing, cold chain distribution, and many other industries. To provide the system of plastic tray solutions for customers in different industries.
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