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Shanghai Shunli Industry Co., Ltd
The use of plastic pallets in food and pharmaceutical industries
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  • Plastic tray for food and medicine. As a special plastic tray in food and medicine industry, also known as plastic pallets, plastic pallets and plastic pallets. Food, medicine special plastic tray with safety and health, aesthetic, sting, non-toxic and tasteless, easy cleaning and disinfection, corrosion resistance, not rotten, not combustion, etc., conform to the national food, medicine and health inspection standards, national import and export customs and Quarantine Bureau approved, belong to the world of green environmental protection products, import and export exemption. Food, pharmaceutical industry, the choice of plastic tray size of 1100 x 1200, 1100 x 800, 1200 x 1000. The COFCO group, Johnson group, Yili Group, Chinese medicine group, as the main representative.
    Use tray plastic tray for food and pharmaceutical industries in Shanghai Shun Special Plastic Industrial Co. ltd:
    The heavy load, stable stacking.
    The structure is reasonable and the operation is convenient.
    Complete specifications, to meet the mass production.
    The long service life, Recyclable reuse.
    The good quality, special tray, professional standards.
    The plastic tray neat appearance, easy cleaning, easy to dry, clean and environmental protection.
    The plastic tray nonailswithout thorns, not because of accidental damage of the goods in the packaging process.
    The plastic tray acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and can be used in many special occasions.
    9 plastic pallet fumigation, reduce goods export formalities, accelerate capital turnover.
    The broken plastic tray Recyclable, processed can be used as raw materials and other items.
    Plastic tray is not combustion, no spark, have certain effect on the warehouse fire.
    Plastic tray and long service life, is generally 2 to 3 times the turnover of wooden pallets, reasonable use can reach 4 ~ 5 times.
    Plastic tray according to the different needs to add other chemical materials in raw materials, improve the performance of the tray.
    Plastic tray warehouse to non-toxic tasteless, improve the environment, not to have any goods especially food pollution.
    Plastic tray convenient printing and can be printed on the Logo for the company's goods identification on the tray, the utility of advertising.
    Shun plastic pallet reminder: plastic tray size selected, according to the different requirements of the project, the selected dimensions will be different.
    1 first consider the specific specifications of the goods and the way to put on the plastic tray.
    2 consider the situation of pallet loading tools (such as containers, trucks, etc.). For example: if it is a one-time use, should be a priority of transport container width of 2300mm integration, to 1100 * 1100 mm tray, put 2, 2 to 4 to fork into or into the fork can be; and for 1200 * 1100 mm tray to using a combination of a long 1200mm wide and 1000 mm put, must use 4 to into a fork.
    3. Such as in the warehouse shelves, to consider the size of the shelf width and depth, usually select shelves each layer put two pieces of tray, and set aside 200 mm or so of storage space. In the depth direction to give a large size, so do not produce on the plastic tray carrying capacity of the demanding requirements, in order to save procurement costs.
    4 selection of plastic pallet size should also consider the general nature of the current domestic commonly used for the size of 1210 international standard type, 1208 European standard type and T11 Japanese standard type.
    Shanghai Shun Industrial Co., Ltd., is a commitment to innovation and research and development of new technology of plastic tray of the high-tech enterprises, is currently one of the largest plastic tray manufacturer. Company developed products, suitable for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, logistics, warehousing, cold chain distribution, and many other industries. To provide the system of plastic tray solutions for customers in different industries.
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