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The carrier shun plastic tray - Modern Logistics
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  • Since the second half of last year, the price has become an issue of common concern to the government leaders to the commom people topic. Prices "day day up" for many reasons, but cost push is an important reason that can not be ignored, which transport costs rise and China's logistics modernization level is not high and the logistics efficiency is low have direct correlation.
    Tray plays an important role in modern logistics system. Implementation of the tray of the reasonable use, the pallet school assignment consistent, so that logistics and supply chain to maintain cohesion, smooth, through an important means, but also the logistics efficiency greatly improved, greatly reduces the cost of key factors, so the pallet industry development is the important content of the modernization of national logistics. As the tray in the family of the bright younger generation -- plastic pallet can take on this responsibility?
    Logistics modernization can not be separated from the tray
    In recent years, with the development of economy, China's logistics industry continues to heat up, with an average annual growth rate of more than 15%. Some experts predict that in the next few years, China's logistics market will maintain an average annual growth rate of 20%. In the situation of the rapid growth of the logistics industry, the logistics industry highlights the two major characteristics. First, high speed and steady economic development makes the market demand for efficient and efficient modern logistics is becoming more and more urgent. The two is the reality of China's logistics infrastructure and technical equipment level. These two characteristics not only show the great potential of China's logistics industry development, but also exposed the shortcomings of China's logistics industry seriously lagging behind the economic development.
    Domestic institutions survey showed that, at present China's general industrial products from product factory after handling, storage and transportation links to consumers in the hands of the circulation costs accounted for about 50% of commodity prices around, easily spoiled food circulation cost highest accounted for 70% of the sales price of the product. Logistics process takes up nearly 90% of the entire production process.
    Wu Qingyi, director of the Institute of logistics at University of Science and Technology Beijing, also used the data to illustrate the importance of the construction of modern logistics system to the economic development of our country. He told reporters: "the world's developed countries, the total logistics costs accounted for 9%~11% of GDP, and this figure is about 18%. Comparison of the two sets of data, it is not difficult to see the completion of the same size of the national economy, China's logistics costs than the developed countries twice. If calculated by GDP 10%, China's annual logistics costs more than one trillion yuan."
    He stressed that: the establishment of efficient, low-cost modern logistics system, is the main guarantee for sustainable development of China's economic stability. And in the process of rationalization of the logistics system, there is an insignificant but ubiquitous appliances play an important role, it is the tray. Pallet as an important tool to integrate the supply chain, improve the efficiency of logistics, active in all aspects of modern logistics activities."
    China Federation of logistics and purchasing Federation tray of the special committee of the standing deputy director Jin Wei in an interview said: "logistics efficiency improvement and cost reduction can not be separated from the tray. A product from the left line of that a moment, it and tray knot indissoluble bond, transportation, warehousing, loading and unloading, handling, packaging, distribution, distribution all of the logistics link, if there is no tray to much several times, several times the time and labor consuming. For example, a car shipment of cement, single rely on manual loading requires more than two hours, while the use of pallets with forklift operations, 25 minutes will be able to get. More important is, the logistics system in the processing of goods object shapes, size is not a, only the goods in order to unified specification has a certain volume and shape of the cargo unit, can realize mechanization, automation, so as to realize the aim to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency. "
    It can be said that the tray is a basic tool for all aspects of the logistics of the seamless connection, if the lack of a tray, the integration of modern logistics industry, standardization and rapid response is also no way to talk about.
    The job also across several hurdles
    After the 11th Five-Year development, it can be said that the strength of the plastic tray in the tray sector is being enhanced, the status is gradually highlighted. And plastic tray to the logistics industry featuring the protagonist, there is still a long road to go, but also across the standard system perfect, shared system establishment and high prices, difficult recovery, a road threshold.
    Wu Qingyi said that in order to open the new era of high efficiency and low cost of China's logistics, the standardization of the tray is essential. Lack of uniform standards for plastic pallets is an important factor to hinder the acceleration of China's logistics. Currently the world pallet standards are not uniform, and some specifications of the tray once it is widely used, its related facilities such as shelves, conveyors and other specifications will be determined. And it is almost impossible to establish a global uniform standard. International Standardization Organization ISO adopted the principle of tolerance, in 2003 to develop a new ISO pallet international standards, a total of 6 kinds of commonly used pallet specifications are recognized as international standards.
    At present, there are six dimensions tray in the national standard of China, and the actual flow of the pallet specifications up to more than 30 kinds of, it is difficult to achieve national or regional palletized transport and storage, difficult to match with the container, forklift, leading companies have invested a lot of money used for pallet purchase, increase the cost of logistics enterprises, while also reducing the enthusiasm for the use of the tray. Many small and medium-sized enterprises due to financial constraints, simply do not have the tray.
    China has not yet established a nationwide pallet sharing system, which is also very detrimental to the development of plastic pallets. Construction pallet sharing system is a large investment, long time
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