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Pallet supply level is an important symbol of the development of modern logistics
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  • Pallet application level is an important symbol of the development of modern logistics
    Tray operation is an effective method to improve the handling efficiency and control the process of logistics management.
    Generally speaking, the total amount of a country's pallet is one of the symbols to measure the level of logistics modernization of the country. Relevant data show that the tray has a total of about 1.5 billion - 20 billion, the per capita share of 7 - 8; Japanese tray has in total output has been close to 10 billion, average per capita has 4 - 5; South Korea domestic tray application status and neighboring Japan are similar, with total amount is very large, per capita 1.1; Australia, Europe and other countries and regions of the tray transportation application is very extensive. Compared with foreign countries, the gap between the level of China's tray application is very large, according to the relevant industry organization survey, by the end of 2002, China's total amount of the tray has a conservative estimate of about 70 million - 5000. According to this statistics, even if the annual increase in the rate of 20 million pallets, by the end of 2004, China has a total of 100 million pallets, less than 0.1 per capita.
    From the use, the vast majority of China's pallet has not formed a reasonably smooth circulation and turnover mechanism, tray using a range of only inside the warehouse and transport links between the transport operation, even is to be engaged in logistics service enterprises, the tray is also limited to the enterprise internal rotation. Because the product from the manufacturer, distributor and retailer to end users in the process of supply chain to replace several tray to achieve transportation and storage, after repeated switching tray, greatly reduces the operation efficiency, make product additional cost is greatly increased. Currently in China in addition to the larger scale, management level of more advanced production enterprises, the proportion of general enterprise material handling cost share of the total cost of the products, up 40%, this can not say with the lower tray application in China has great relationship.
    According to figures released by the authority in the foreign tray, a tray from the input use to scrap, in carrying the circulation process, can mean saving storage, handling and transportation costs more than $500, equivalent to several times its own cost, but this needs to be a prerequisite, namely tray must be within the scope of the whole society are used repeatedly. Our country tray using one of the prominent contradiction in the process, tray for the circulation of products, most with the transfer of the ownership of products ended its service life, basically is a one-time, which resulted in the many production enterprise every year have to restart a lot of money used for pallet manufacturing, purchase and use, this part of the cost of additional in the carrying value of the goods, and the cost of goods is improved greatly. Due to the application of the tray is mainly limited within the scope of business operations, the current recycling rate is very low in our country, the pace of the development of the application of the tray is very slow.
    In South Korea, in order to improve the utilization rate of the tray, the government adopts the way of compensation to the users, and vigorously promote the use of plastic pallets which are not easy to be damaged, and the materials can be recycled. China's wood pallet accounted for about 90% of the total tray, plastic tray accounted for about 8%, steel, wood and other material tray about 2%, and a tree timber tree most can only make six standard tray. China's enterprises and the use of a large number of production and use of wood pallets, mainly due to the high price of steel and plastic pallets, if you can not cycle, the marginal cost of enterprises is difficult to reduce. Because most of the wooden pallet is a one-time use, material requirements are not strict, the price is low, the enterprise is relatively easy to accept. Therefore, vigorously promote the social application of tray, improve the pallet recycling utilization, not only can reduce the transportation cost of enterprise products, improve the operation efficiency of logistics, and for China's ecological environment protection, conservation of natural resources also has a great significance
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